Distance learning brings with it many challenges, not least among them the isolation of struggling through classes alone. In distance learning there is no lunch room, no chat space, and very little way to connect with other students. That’s why The City Voice is excited to announce our new forums, a system to help students get in touch with one another during this difficult time.

Forums are for questions, concerns, ideas, advice, or even just general chat. Anything that you want to do that would normally rely on having access to the City community in-person you can post on the forums. Forums are a space for tutoring, conversation, group projects, and above all community.

What You Can Do With Forums

  • Make new friends
  • Share your thoughts
  • Ask questions, academic or otherwise
  • Post surveys that you need people to answer
  • Advertise your club
  • Earn Service hours for tutoring
  • Anything you can imagine

Forum Guidelines

While we want forums to be accessible and flexible, some things will not be allowed. Here are a few guidelines to stick to:

  1. Treat other people with respect
  2. No cheating, you can ask for help with assignments but no begging for answer keys
  3. When tutoring, do your best to explain the solution in a helpful way
  4. Be nice, take a few moments to reply to any questions that you see and know the answer to

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