PSA: The Next Commitment Form Will Be Final

Last week GRPS sent out a survey asking all GRPS students and their families to choose between a hybrid in-person or virtual schooling for the second marking period. Using the data they received, GRPS planned to make plans for the hybrid and online school models.

However, a lot of people did not vote. Luckily, those who did not vote last week will have another chance. The original form is now closed, but GRPS will provide students one more chance to have their voices heard, as well as to alter your decision if you have already voted but changed your mind. The new form will be sent out on Friday, October 9th and closed on Monday, October 19th, so you will have ten days to fill it out.

GRPS has also decided to move the start date for hybrid schooling from Monday, October 19th to Monday, October 26th. This new date is one week into MP2 so the first week of the marking period will still take place online for everyone. We do not know much about how this will work yet but we will update you when we know more.

According to the district, school leaders are using the data gathered thus far to develop more detailed plans for both the hybrid and online systems. According to the October 2nd email from GRPS the district intends to share those plans on Friday, October 9th alongside the new form.

GRPS also released new data about responses to the original commitment/preference form. According to district communications 65% of all GRPS students completed the form. Of those 9,871 people 52.69% opted for the hybrid model while the other 47.31% chose to stay virtual. By our calculations, this means that as a ratio of the total population of GRPS roughly 34% picked hybrid, 31% online, and 35% did not respond to the form at all. We do not know whether these numbers are representative of how City High Middle voted. We have reached out to the district for clarification but received no response.

Remember that the default option is in-person, so if you did not vote the first you have officially been registered under the hybrid plan. Even if you want to go back to school you should vote anyway. Important decisions are being made based on responses received, so all participation counts.

This has been an unsubtle article but it bears saying one more time: please fill out the next GRPS form. Take some time to think about what this choice means to you, watch for the email, and once you have made a decision make sure that your vote counts. Choosing not to vote simply makes you unheard.

Updated 10/2/20 at 4:29 PM to include the new details provided by the district.

Update 10/2/2020 at 7:22 PM to include details about form results and a graph.

Update 10/3/2020 at 3:20 PM to clarify that results are district wide and may not correlate to results from City.


Former Editor in Chief of The City Voice, finally graduated City High Middle School as part of the Class of 2022.