Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Multiverse: Every World We Hope to See in Doctor Strange 2

With less than a month to go before the much anticipated release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we have a few thoughts. Okay, scratch that, we have a lot of thoughts. While Marvel has promised franchise redefining blockbusters that will “change everything” before, multiple times, Stephen Strange’s jaunt into the infinitely branching paths of the road not taken looks ready to top them all, with trailers that drive home the epic scope and spectacle of the multiverse while remaining surprisingly light on plot.

Consider that, even after two official trailers and assorted shorter teasers, we still don’t know for sure who the villain is, what they want, what Strange wants, who’s fighting who, why they’re fighting, or where they’ll be doing it. So, with three weeks to go and no further concrete details to report, we must, obviously, resort to pure speculation. We therefore present The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Multiverse: a definitive collection of every possible world we think (and hope) the strange doctor will visit in his latest adventure.

A World Where Iron Man Lived

It’s hard to deny that the single most pivotal event in the chronology of the recent MCU is the Infinity Saga, complete with Iron Man’s sacrifice on the field of battle at Avengers Compound. Yet one of the few things that has been clear in most trailers so far is that Stark tech plays a role in at least some of the major branches of the multiverse, so perhaps we’ll meet a Tony Stark that survived Endgame? Or Tony Stark as a woman? Or a Captain Marvel variant? Only time will tell.

The World of Everything Everywhere All At Once

I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that there are two major blockbuster movies about saving the infinite multiverse from eldritch evil premiering less than a month apart. Obviously Marvel is just looking for an excuse to add Michelle Yeoh to the ever growing list of MCU stars, in which case I wholeheartedly approve.

A World With Crocodiles All the Way Down 

After the introduction of Croki (Crocodile Loki) in the Loki TV series, one serious question remained: Does Croki come from a world where everyone is a crocodile, or did Odin just decide one day that a crocodile would make a great son? Either way, we could have the answers with a simple visit. 

A World Where Dr. Strange Died

As an obvious corollary to the above, what if Strange died on the field at Avengers Compound instead of Stark? I’m almost certain this is going to turn out to be the primary nexus event for the “statue universe” briefly shown in the first trailer, which featured a massive statue of Strange outside the sanctum.

A World Where The Sorcerer Supreme Is Strange’s Sentient Cloak With Nobody Wearing It

Think about it: that cloak has single handedly protected Strange and the time stone from Thanos’s minions and beaten Spider Man in battle. Granted both victories were only temporary, but that still makes cloakey a more powerful Avenger than Strange himself. Somewhere out there is a world where they realize their own power and claim their rightful office.

Alternative Time Variance Authorities 

While not specifically hinted at, I would love to get a better look at the time bureaucrats now pushed into the timeline. Obviously we last saw Loki trapped in a timeline where he and Mobius never met, one where Kang rules openly, but what else has changed? If an infinite multiverse exists, does that imply there are also infinite TVAs? Is one of them led by Patrick Stewart? (Because that’s totally his voice in official trailer 2.) I need to know.

A World With a Movie Theater Showing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Let the metafilming begin.

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