Exam Studying Tips

With the first semester at City coming to an end and exams around the corner, student stress levels are high. Most students (and staff) are looking forward to the holidays and a stress-free break, but before we can enjoy that, preparation for exams is a priority. Here are some tips for successful exams: Study, study,… Continue reading Exam Studying Tips

How to Style the Uniform

The City Middle High School uniform has a surprising amount of options for ways to style it. While it is kind of a pain having to wear a uniform, here are a few ways you can stay practical and stylish while following the dress code. A blue, white, or black flannel would work really well… Continue reading How to Style the Uniform

What is the Personal Project?

As the new school year has begun, there’s a fresh class of incoming sophomores, myself included. In some schools, it’s another year of high school working towards a diploma, but at City, it’s a whole different story. Students in their sophomore year at City are finishing in their final year of the Middle Years Programme,… Continue reading What is the Personal Project?