Fun Fall and Winter Activities

Here are some fun activities you can do for fall or winter; the weather seems to be switching kind of back and forth, so here are some things to do for both seasons! 1. Keep a gratitude journal A great thing to do, especially around Thanksgiving time, is to list some things you are grateful for! Even the littlest things count.  2. Go to a … Continue reading Fun Fall and Winter Activities

Top Ten Best Halloween Candies

It’s almost time for one of my favorite holidays- Halloween. To be completely honest, although dressing up in costumes and seeing all the decorations is fun, getting free candy has to be the best part. Here are my top ten personal favorite Halloween candies and chocolate! Number 1 – Starburst You really can’t go wrong with Starburst- it’s one of those candies that are hard … Continue reading Top Ten Best Halloween Candies

The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Celebrities influence positive and negative things. One of those positive being fashion. Celebrities often love to go all out with fashion. Halloween is right around the corner as well and there’s some amazing costumes out there. Celebrities have so much at their disposal to put the perfect costume together. To celebrate Halloween, I’ve gathered some costumes that stood out a little bit more than the … Continue reading The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes