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The City Voice is Yours To Write

This is a crazy world we live in, and with everything that’s happened the news can often seem so remote. Never forget that The City Voice is a student newspaper. It belongs to the whole school community and it is yours to create. The news does not have to be something you watch from the sidelines…

Featured Article

Distance Learning To Continue Through MP1 2020

At a press conference this afternoon, Superintendent Dr. Leadriane Roby announced that GRPS plans to join some other Michigan districts in suspending in-person school for the start of the school year. The decision is not final and will be voted on by the school board on August 10th, but the likelihood of the decision being drastically altered in that vote […]

Current Events

Edenville Dam Failure Threatens Michigan Towns

For more than 96 years the Edenville dam has turned the Tittabawassee River into a peaceful lake, but at 6:00 PM on Tuesday the dam officially failed. Edenville County officials spent most of Tuesday warning citizens to evacuate in case the dam broke. By the time flood waters rushed into the valley in late evening, the dam’s spill water floodgates […]

Current Events

Google Wants to Know Your Gender. Here’s Why.

A big part of journalism is identifying questions that we encounter in everyday life and attempting to answer them, and this article is exactly that. As part of what I do for The City Voice, I have to maintain a number of different Google accounts for different aspects of the newspaper. None of these accounts are people, but simply represent […]


What is Contact Tracing?

Over the past few weeks the news has been full of reports about contact tracing, a medical technique intended to limit the spread of COVID-19. This new technique, coupled with new technology, promises to stop the outbreak and maybe even get us out of lockdown sooner. Despite all of its benefits, contact tracing also opens the door for authoritarian tracking […]

Current Events

The Snake Named Slytherin

In the forests of Arunachal Pradesh, India, a team of researchers found a new pit viper left undiscovered until 2019 during a herpetological expedition in the area. Pit vipers in general are very similar, they are usually bright green, around a foot long and 12 pounds in weight, and venomus. So what makes this viper so unique? The males of […]

Earth Week

Editorial: COVID-19, the Environment, and Earth Week 2020

This editorial was written by Ella Postuma, co-president of the E-Club. Update 4/22/20 at 10:08 AM to clarify that no formal registration is needed for the Earth Day Live event. Today we kickoff Earth Week, and this Wednesday, April 22, we’ll mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The 2020 theme is Climate Action, and although this presents an enormous […]


All About Manga

Written by Sparsh Aiyar. Submit your own article to the City Voice at Manga. You may have heard the word from a friend or on the media. You may have even seen a section for Manga at a bookstore or a library. So, what is Manga? Manga refers to Japanese comics that are often made into animations known as […]

Featured Article

Graphic Novel: How to Raise the Dead

This post was previously published in February and is being re-shared as part of the personal project virtual expo. We are happy to share with you tenth-grader Ella Moxon’s personal project: a graphic novel that she wrote and illustrated. Scroll through the twelve chapters to follow Cassie as she travels to the Underworld to try to resurrect her sister, Tatalia […]

Featured Article

Is there a simple way to become more positive?

This week we’re excited to publish 10th grader Kennedy Mikel’s Personal Project. Kennedy created a study to analyze whether doing a few simple tasks every day can improve your positivity. This post was previously published in February and is being re-shared as part of the personal project virtual expo. Recently, I’ve noticed within myself, fellow classmates, and highschoolers as a […]

Featured Article

7 Ways to Keep You and Others Safe

Written by Eleanor Martin Over these past few weeks, our lives have changed quite drastically. We’ve gone from stressing about tests, going to school, and hanging out with friends to being locked in our houses for weeks. While we all are staying up late, sleeping in, and watching television; we also have to keep in mind that we ARE in […]


The City Voice Will Continue

Since COVID-19, dubbed Coronavirus, became a major pandemic there has been a lot of disruption in all of our lives. Everything is now shut down, including our school, but nevertheless the City Voice will continue to publish articles every Thursday as usual. This is a difficult time for everyone, but we will try our best to continue providing with high […]

Current Events

100th Article

We at the City Voice are excited to announce that today marks our 100th article! It’s been a long journey, and we hope that you have enjoyed reading the school newspaper as much as we have enjoyed writing it. Please consider taking a moment to look back at all the articles we’ve published so far, and we hope there will […]