Happy Thanksgiving!

This year as we all celebrate Thanksgiving, we here at The City Voice wanted to take a moment to say how thankful we are for all the teachers and staff here at City who have gone above and beyond during distance learning. First, a special thank you to you, our readers, for continuing to support us even when school is more difficult than ever. Have an amazing break and we’ll see you in December!

Sophia Xu

Thank you to every teacher and staff member who has worked hard to support our school during the pandemic! Shout out to Mr. Beckwith for being a wonderful Chinese teacher and for sponsoring the City Voice! Thank you to Mrs. Covington and Mr. Tindall who have helped me so much on my personal project as well!

Jonathan Hoffman

I am thankful for Mr. Rizley because it is always so much fun to have a conversation with him. Also, his class is very fun and I know he tries his best, even when doing ESS is hard with the lack of in-person activities. Thanks for being so awesome!

Krishna Mano

This Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all of the 7th Grade Teachers at City for everything you have done for me this school year! Even though I came into City Middle School 2 weeks late, all of you teachers were willing to help me get caught up on what I missed. You have taught me everything from the 5 themes of geography to the phases of the moon to the different types of foreshadowing in suspense novels. Your enthusiasm and passion for teaching the 7th Grade made class very exciting and interesting! Thank you so much for everything you have done and have a great Thanksgiving!

Faith Thompson

I’m thankful for Mr. Schreur because he’s really nice and tries his hardest to make his class fun. He reaches out to students who are need of it if they haven’t reached out to him, meaning he cares about his students and their grades. He also cares about their performance; it’s not like he just cares about our GRADES, he genuinely wants us to do great in his class and cares not just about the class as a whole but about each student individually. Thanks to Mr. Schreur!!

Sparsh Aiyar

Thank you so much teachers, administrators, and staff for staying with us during these strange times. This year is for sure one of the toughest for school and we cannot thank you enough. We’re fortunate to have you with us here at City and for that, we thank you.

The Scrivener

Thank you to the City administration for everything they do to make City the wonderful place it is, this year and every year. We might not see you in class as often as our teachers but none of this would be possible without you. A special thank you to Mrs. Vandervliet for everything she does to support The City Voice and so many others at City! 

Megan Vandraager

I am thankful for the entire EE team, especially Mrs. Emperor, Mrs. Jackson, and Mr. Antuma, for making the EE process as smooth as possible for the seniors. It’s been challenging to keep up with all of our responsibilities and projects this year, and it is really nice to have a team making sure we are on track!

Aaron Chen

To Mr. Ezekiel: Thank you for the time you have spent working and furthering our educations. Although we understand your situation of having to leave City and the need to think of our family first, we (and I think I speak for all of us here at City) thank you for the effort you have put in for us, and the knowledge you have imparted on us.

Vishnu Mano

As a student who transferred into City High a couple weeks into the school year, my 10th grade teachers and City High staff have been extremely welcoming and supportive during my transition and put in extra time outside of regular school hours to ensure that I felt comfortable with the work that I needed to catch up on and that I understood the IB program. I just wanted to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to all 10th grade teachers who have helped me and the entire grade get accustomed to virtual education. Despite the hurdles of online instruction, all of my teachers go above and beyond to make sure all students understand what is being taught. Thank you for all the extra work that you have put into teaching us and have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Maya Oeverman

I would like to thank Mr. VanGoor. He has always made sure that class has been interesting even in the online format! He has been very understanding through the whole thing and I have appreciated the effort he puts in to mixing up his assignments to get us off the computers from time to time!

Maya Lobo

I’m grateful for Ms. Mapes my 6th hour English teacher because she always makes the class fun and brings excitment.