Writer FAQs

Why should I become a writer?

There are many reasons to start writing for The City Voice! To name a few, you can hone your writing skills, earn CAS hours, collect valuable references for your college applications, and, most importantly, you can share the things that you are passionate about with a school community eager to hear your voice.

How can I write during a pandemic?

Great question. While The City Voice has of course had to make some changes to adapt to distance learning we believe that it is actually easier than ever to get involved. Every step of the writing and publication process is now hosted at thecityvoice.org, you can even write from your phone.

I like to write, but I’m not an artist. What should I do about graphics?

If you have an image or illustration that really fits your piece then you are welcome to upload it through the writer portal, but if not then don’t worry about it. Our graphics and illustration team is prepared to take care of that for you so that you can focus on finding your voice.

Is there a minimum word count?

There is no minimum word count for any City Voice article, nor are there any other style requirements. We accept writing in all styles, genres, topics, and lengths and encourage our writers to think outside the box.

Do I have to be a club member to write?

Not at all! We accept writing from any student, and being a writer does not oblige you to attend meetings or perform any City Voice duties.

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions at all about writing or any other City Voice features you can contact us at contact@thecityvoice.org or text to 616-799-7030, a Google Voice number that doesn’t accept calls.

Great! How can I get started?

Simply click on “Writer Portal” on the right hand side of the screen for desktop users or on the bottom of the screen for mobile browsers. From there you can write anything you want and it will go straight to The City Voice editors for publication.