Hawkeye Deserves More Respect

As Hawkeye is told in the second episode of his new Disney+ series, “your problem is branding.” And it’s true. The man is an Avenger, one of the MCU’s six biggest heroes, and yet he doesn’t have nearly the name recognition of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, or even Hulk. He’s also now the only Avenger without his own movie, relegated to the world … Continue reading Hawkeye Deserves More Respect

Hollywood Has a Nostalgia Problem

If Dune was the most epic premiere of 2021, The Matrix: Resurrections is perhaps the most enigmatic. A two decade old movie franchise, still beloved but saddled with the reputation of terrible sequels, is rebooted with modern CGI and an as of yet incomprehensible plot. Will it be good? I don’t know! But this latest trailer leans even deeper into a feeling of nostalgia reminiscent … Continue reading Hollywood Has a Nostalgia Problem

Foundation Review: Wasted Potential

In episode eight of the Apple TV series Foundation, which wrapped up its first season before break, there’s an extended battle scene where hero Salvor Hardin has to run down a spaceship hallway really fast to draw the fire of a floating AI laser rifle left there by, uh, somebody, so that her frenemy the Grand Huntress of Anacreon can shoot the thing with an … Continue reading Foundation Review: Wasted Potential

Chapter 4: Unexpected Encounters Part 2

Scarlett was alive. She was close to death, though. Aaron had limited medical knowledge, but he could still bandage the wounds and stop them from getting infected. He needed to get to his office to grab the rest of his toolkit, so he ran across the building to the elevator. This floor was dark, and almost none of the lights were on. Aaron made it … Continue reading Chapter 4: Unexpected Encounters Part 2

Chapter 3: Unexpected Encounters Part 1

Scarlett kept running. Hallways flew past her as she navigated the laboratory’s third floor. Scarlett found it peculiar that none of the lights were on. The lights were always on. She brushed that thought aside and focused on the task at hand: getting away from the creature she helped create. And finding Aaron. He had just been in the experimenting room with her. They had … Continue reading Chapter 3: Unexpected Encounters Part 1

College Football Playoff Predictions

Well that was one heck of a football weekend, and the playoff rankings showed just that. In this article I will break down the current rankings and what could happen in the next week.  Georgia Michigan  Alabama Cincinnati Oklahoma State Notre Dame  OSU Ole Miss Baylor Oregon  Michigan State BYU Iowa Oklahoma Pittsburgh  Wake Forest Utah NC State San Diego State University  Clemson Houston Arkansas … Continue reading College Football Playoff Predictions

Year in Review: President Biden’s First Year in Office

November 3, 2020: Emotions around the country were at an all time high, with anxieties, hopes, and fears spilling over into what was on its way. I think it’s safe to say that on that night nearly all US citizens were diligently watching their screens. The race was tight, flipping with every state’s votes. The possibility of inaccurate counts and mandatory recount claims were sprouting … Continue reading Year in Review: President Biden’s First Year in Office