The City Voice

It can—and probably should—be asked: why does the world need another voice? Even just within these walls we already have announcements, morning and afternoon, and weekly updates and bulletins and screens with cycling slides. A lot of noise. Many voices.

This is The City Voice.

It is a collective voice, but it is also an individual voice. It can represent your voice, it can echo your voice, it can amplify your voice, it can even become your voice. It can speak to you, or for you, or about you.

Many voices represent City. Some of them are solo, some blend in harmony. Some speak out in support of people and issues, some cry out seeking to be heard. Our voices are exercised every time we use them. But what do we really hope to say? What is our solo? What part do we play in the harmony? What is our issue? What do we want most to be heard? Amid all the noise. The noise that seeks to silence your voice.

Mr. Schreur

First advisor of The City Voice, serving during the 2018-19 school year.

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