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Sucker Punch

Small, smart, and mysterious, with a mean right hook. If you couldn’t guess, I’m talking about the bullies of the ocean: octopi! No doubt you’ve all heard the stories about […]


The Best Movies and Shows of 2020

Check out City Voice writers’ picks for the best cinema from an unprecedented year


The Start of a New Age

Have you ever seen a robot do the robot? No? Well, now you can! Some say that the future of our world and society as we know it will be […]


The Best Books of 2020

Check out City Voice writers’ picks for the best books from an unprecedented year


Part of the World May Experience Desert-Like Temperatures by 2070

The World Economic Forum announced that at least 3 billion people could live in places as hot as the Sahara Desert by 2070. Scientists have also stated that conditions could […]


The Trials: Allies

Unknown shocks still hide behind these walls. Friends can betray you, foes can hurt you. Who will they trust?

Word of the Week


Play this week’s crossword live on The City Voice


Vicious Review

What if a school project went so wrong that you ended up with superpowers? That is where Vicious by V.E. Schwab starts. Victor and Eli are roommates in college when […]


Cinder Review

Cinderella is a classic story that everyone has heard. Authors and producers have been retelling this story for decades, but Marissa Meyer gives an old tale new life in her […]