Upsets in the 2022 Fifa World Cup

The 2022 Fifa World Cup has started in a very exciting way, with numerous upsets and intriguing games. Saudi Arabia vs Argentina was the first huge upset. Argentina ended the first half with a goal up, but the second half was not in their favor. They conceded two quick-fire goals and they ended the game 2-1 to Argentina. This was surprising to all fans. given … Continue reading Upsets in the 2022 Fifa World Cup

The Respect for Marriage Act is Passed

This past Tuesday, the Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act, which protects both same-sex marriage and interracial marriage. It doesn’t make all states allow same-sex marriages, but it does make them respect legal same-sex marriages from other states. Additionally, these marriages can qualify for federal benefits like Medicare. With votes from every Democrat plus a dozen Republicans, the bill passed 61-36. “With today’s bipartisan … Continue reading The Respect for Marriage Act is Passed


It would be a lie to say that I’m not addicted to my phone, like a lot of people, especially teens. More than 210 million people worldwide suffer from social media and internet addiction, according to Science Direct. And some teens spend more than 7 hrs a day on social media. This sounds concerning, doesn’t it? Previous employees of these social media companies agree. In … Continue reading #Hacked

World Population Passes 8 Billion

The world’s population passed 8 billion this past Tuesday, a milestone for countries, both rich and poor. It took hundreds of thousands of years for the world population to reach 1 billion, but only a decade for the population to grow from 7 billion to 8 billion. While this is a reflection of advancements in health and access to resources, reaching this milestone also serves … Continue reading World Population Passes 8 Billion

Fun Fall and Winter Activities

Here are some fun activities you can do for fall or winter; the weather seems to be switching kind of back and forth, so here are some things to do for both seasons! 1. Keep a gratitude journal A great thing to do, especially around Thanksgiving time, is to list some things you are grateful for! Even the littlest things count.  2. Go to a … Continue reading Fun Fall and Winter Activities