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First Shadow and Bone Trailer Revealed

Shadow and Bone is a widely beloved fantasy trilogy at the heart of the GrishaVerse. Early last year Netflix announced that they would be partnering with Leigh Bardugo (the author […]

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How City Voice Writers Get Their CAS Hours

Service seems to be the hardest one, but I have some tips. You can bring a large trash bag to any public park, put on your headphones, listen to music […]

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New AI “Deep Nostalgia” Brings Incredibly Old Photos to Life

Last Sunday, an AI-powered service named “Deep Nostalgia” became popular throughout Twitter. The videos users have made are quite creepy, as the movements of the pictures legitimately look like real […]

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Understanding the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Last month, on February 25, the United States officially reached 50 million coronavirus vaccinations, half of President Biden’s target goal of 100 million vaccinated in his first 100 days in […]

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Welcome Back Baseball!

It’s here, It’s here, It’s here!!! This week the baseball season began with its first week of spring training games. We waited 124 days for this day, so many days, […]

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Why 60?

In first grade, we are all taught how to read clocks. That unit also covered the general fact that 60 seconds are in one minute, and 60 minutes are in […]

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Looking For Feedback From City Students

The City Voice recently joined the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association! As a result, we are now preparing for a variety of contests, including a club wide critique. We would like […]

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The Martian Review

The Martian (film) is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America. Waking up to a blaring alarm in the morning is one thing, and quite a horrible thing […]

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The Sound of Stereotypes: The Impact of Film Scores on Stereotypes and Bias

It can be easy to see the ways prejudice is projected in films: maybe a character from the Middle East dresses in stereotypical, exaggerated, and inaccurate clothing or perhaps a villain is portrayed with darker skin than the hero. But what happens when you hear what is being appropriated or stereotyped instead of seeing it? Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it ceases to exist.