US College Enrollments Decline Once Again

Most say that going to college is one of the best experiences you can have. You learn more than you have ever been taught. You make new friends that will stick with you throughout your entire life. You pursue dreams that you never thought were possible to achieve.  Today, nearing the two year mark of this seemingly never-ending global pandemic, undergraduate enrollment dropped again. This … Continue reading US College Enrollments Decline Once Again

What is Going On With the Musical?

As a spectator of the City High musical practices this year I can say that there was talk among the participants that there would be no crowd and that they were working with the ticketing company to refund the tickets back to people who had purchased them. Then the next day, the tickets were advertised again and it’s now said that we will have a … Continue reading What is Going On With the Musical?

Unsolved Mysteries of the FBI

The FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation is an intelligence and threat based national security organization. It’s mission is to protect the American people and uphold the constitution. This means that they are responsible for responding to threats both within our country and without, cybercrimes, and counterintelligence. It was launched on July 28, 1908 by Attorney General Charles J. Bonaparte.  It is headed by … Continue reading Unsolved Mysteries of the FBI

Why Did We Forget Frances Haugen?

Back in October, a mere four months ago, there was only one story that I can remember competing with the pandemic for airtime: the testimony of Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower who left the company with thousands of pages of internal documents and went before Congress to accuse her former employers of knowingly causing harm to their users, particularly young adults. While I recognize that … Continue reading Why Did We Forget Frances Haugen?

The Old Guard: Revisited

The Old Guard is rated R by Netflix. As is the Netflix way, the first trailer for their 2020 summer action film The Old Guard was released only a few weeks before the movie itself, and it naturally generated some buzz. After all, Netflix’s last attempt at superhero cinema adapted from an obscure comic was the Umbrella Academy, a titled watched by 45 million people … Continue reading The Old Guard: Revisited

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

As expected, the holiday season did in fact cause a surge in COVID-19 cases. With family and friends gathering together to celebrate, many people became ill and exposed others. With the new Omicron variant, COVID-19 cases are even higher than anyone would have imagined a few months ago. It is important to wear your mask, get vaccinated, and keep your distance from those not in … Continue reading COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

All Fear the New Leader: The Dangers of the Omicron Variant

Just a few days ago, as I was scrolling through my social media feed ranting about how fake news has been spread so easily, arguably more transmissible than COVID-19 itself, I stumbled upon an article that took me one step further than rage: hysterical laughing. The bolded text read ‘New Fried Chicken Recipe Cures Omicron Variant of Coronavirus.’ And any human will have any one … Continue reading All Fear the New Leader: The Dangers of the Omicron Variant