Earth Week 18

A big thing that many people actually do incorrectly without knowing it is recycling. It is very important to recycle correctly. This includes knowing what can and can’t be recycled and making sure the items you put in the recycling bin are rinsed or washed clean. Our recycling systems need a lot of work, but it comes down to the commitment of the people who put the items in the recycling. If items are placed in the bin that are dirty or don’t belong there, they can contaminate that entire bin which then has to be thrown out, can cause complications for workers at recycling plants, and can break the machinery at the recycling plant which takes time and tax money to repair. If you live in Grand Rapids, take a look at the top of your recycling bin or go to to find guidelines for what belongs in your recycling bin, and share what you learn with your family and friends! If you live outside of Grand Rapids, you can figure out what service picks up your recycling and look up your local guidelines. Recycling correctly is so simple, and can make a huge difference! – Ella Postuma (“Redwood Starburst” by CraigGoodwin2 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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