Summer in Review

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, alongside so many other dark stories in the news each week, current events can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why the staff of The City Voice student newspaper have decided to kick off the new year by reviewing the best news stories of summer 2021. Read on to find out what our writers found exciting and inspiring this summer, or … Continue reading Summer in Review

Contribute to The City Voice

A new year, a new room! The award winning City Voice student newspaper can now be found on the second floor in room 213, meeting after school every Tuesday to discuss the breaking news of the day and craft our weekly publication. As an IB World Paper, The City Voice looks beyond the walls of City High Middle to cover stories of national and international … Continue reading Contribute to The City Voice

Six Word Sci-Fi

Every month, Wired magazine hosts a contest challenging readers to write a story that’s only six words long in response to a given prompt. A formidable challenge, but not one beyond The City Voice! These are our writers’ entries in response to the June prompt: “In six words, write a story about a casual encounter with aliens.” Have a six word story you’d like to … Continue reading Six Word Sci-Fi

Continental Drift: From Sloths to Icebergs

Have you ever been entertained by a dystopian film, but also grateful for not having to live through those terrible times? Well, it turns out that those magical worlds are slowly sauntering into our own, and we can no longer ponder and laugh hysterically at the idea that there will be a zombie apocalypse in the next century, because, by the second, this world is … Continue reading Continental Drift: From Sloths to Icebergs

Fighting Spirit

UFC 262 started with a bang! The first fight on the main card featured the veteran contender Edson Barboza, against prospect Shane Burgos. Burgos entered the fight as a slight favorite, but after two hard rounds of fast-paced back and forth action, Barboza secured the victory with a powerful punch combination that landed flush on Burgos’s jaw. Despite this strong start to a promising card, … Continue reading Fighting Spirit

What Will the Last Week of School Be Like?

Welcome to the first City Voice Advice Column! This is a place where you can ask questions about school, sports, time management, and homework. Although you will not get professional advice, you might get some good insight from fellow students, or teachers. If you have any questions that you would like answered, please, please, please, don’t be afraid to ask. Your name will never be … Continue reading What Will the Last Week of School Be Like?

An End to the Forever War

The war in Afghanistan appears to be coming to an end, closing yet another chapter in the War on Terror. General Scott Miller, commander of the foreign forces in Afghanistan, confirmed on April 25th that the United States has officially begun its withdrawal from the country. Having been started in 2001 as a response to the Taliban’s sheltering of the terrorist group Al Qaeda, the … Continue reading An End to the Forever War

What is it Like to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

What is it like to get the COVID-19 Vaccine? I interviewed a family member of mine to find out more about the biggest US vaccination effort in recent memory. This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity. Q: First question: Where did you go to get the vaccine? A: I went to a Walgreens pharmacy in Wyoming.  Q: What was the scene like once … Continue reading What is it Like to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?