Data Dive: 6,887 IB Prescribed Texts

Whether you’re a DP student already or looking ahead to the Diploma Programme down the road, if you’re a student here at City you’ll eventually run into the IB Prescribed Texts. IB English teachers, particularly DP teachers, are required to select texts to teach from IB’s official list of prescribed authors, available at IB presents these prescribed texts, which provide the entire foundation for … Continue reading Data Dive: 6,887 IB Prescribed Texts

Why 60?

In first grade, we are all taught how to read clocks. That unit also covered the general fact that 60 seconds are in one minute, and 60 minutes are in one hour. Move on to 5th grade, and we learn that all equilateral triangles have 60 degree angles. Just one year later, in 6th grade geography class, you learn that geographic coordinates go by 60. … Continue reading Why 60?

The Cloaked Pattern That Rules Our World

Patterns. They are all around us. From preschool playground “investigations” on leaves and flowers to senior year Calculus classes, we have been taught to observe and analyze patterns. When I think of the word pattern, I often think of beautiful geometric figures that create intricate artwork. Or I might think of patterns in my favorite team’s stats. To a child, patterns could mean a series … Continue reading The Cloaked Pattern That Rules Our World

Kindle Collects More Information Than You Think

In this day and age, cybersecurity is super important. Protecting your information while online is crucial to keeping yourself safe from hackers and online predators. Recently, a lot of people have started reading on Kindles, both on the devices themselves and in the app. However, it has recently been discovered that Kindle collects a lot of information about users. While some of this data mining … Continue reading Kindle Collects More Information Than You Think