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Word of the Week

Seven Rare Words Part III

Acumen: Keenness of mind, insight, shrewdness Agelast: a person who never laughs Auddend: the second quantity in an addition of two things Augend: the first in an addition of two things Hirquiticke: one past 14 years of age Pot-valor: boldness of courage resulting from alcoholic drink  Wrest pin: a pin in a stringed musical instrument around which the ends of […]

Word of the Week

Live Crossword

1. An irritable and complaining person 2. A deep-seated ill will 3. Good-natured teasing or exchanging of clever remarks 4. To talk over or dispute the terms of a purchase 5. As in multitalented 6. Having or showing an inability to move in a graceful manner 7. Disposition to willfully inflict pain and suffering on others

Word of the Week

Play the Weekly Crossword Right Here

This year the Word of the Week column will be adding something new, an interactive weekly crossword! Each week’s crossword will be available online and you can play it from the site or in the app. This week’s crossword is available now and you can play below. Having an exceptional memory A lefthanded person trained to use the right hand […]


Do You Know These Words? Part III

This is the third part of a series designed to bring some lost words to light. Farctate: From the Latin farcire, meaning to fill or stuff, farctate is a botanical term meaning full as opposed to hollow; used more colloquially to mean completely satiated or full to the point of bursting Philodox: From the Greek philos, meaning love, and doxa (meaning […]


Do You Know These Words? Part II

This is the second part of a series designed to bring some lost words to light. Cavil ~ to jeer/scoff (ka-vl) Sylvan ~ Forest, woods (SIL-vn) Vulpine ~ Crafty, cunning Factotum ~ a person having many diverse traits and different responsibilities or surviving in a wide range of capacities (fak-TOW-tm)


Do You Know These Words? Part I

The English language has one of the biggest vocabularies of any language in the world, and with all those words some of the more obscure turn of phrase tend to get lost. This is the first part of a series designed to bring some of┬áthose lost words to light. Kakorrhaphiophobia ~ Fear of failing (Kak-or-ha-FYO-fo-bee-ah) Nudiustertian ~ relating to the […]