Get the Best out of the Winter Season

With significantly lowered temperatures and the sun low on the horizon, it can be tempting to curl up in a warm place with a nice cup of hot chocolate. It might seem daunting to shovel the snow, sled, or even participate in a snowball fight. As the winter grows more and more unpredictable and hazardous, it is important to realize that exercising in cold weathers can also provide some huge health benefits.

For one, research shows that exercising in cold temperatures can increase the release of calorie burning brown fat by 45% and increase metabolism significantly. This can help get rid of the “winter fat” that accumulated due to lack of physical activity throughout the day. In addition, one of the main reasons that people exercise is to make them feel good.

As levels of endorphins increase, stress levels gradually diminish. It allows the body to escape from stress, not to mention the impact that going outside can have on the release of Vitamin D chemicals. Vitamin D helps maintain the health of bones, teeth, immune system, brain, nervous system, lung, and cardiovascular health. The body does not naturally produce vitamins, however, they come from our diet. Vitamin D can be synthesized through direct contact of sunlight. What better way to get sunlight than actually going outside.