How to deal with test anxiety

As finals loom up ahead, many students are becoming anxious over their final grades. The usual anxiety within students can be detrimental to their success but it can actually benefit them as well. A little anxiety before a test is totally normal, but when these thoughts creep up during and before the test; it can be very difficult to cope with such pressure during certain … Continue reading How to deal with test anxiety

Greenery’s Mood Manipulation

Have you ever gone outside and immediately felt better? Has going outside and spending some time in nature ever made you feel less stressed or anxious? The answer is probably going to be yes. It’s no coincidence that you going outside ultimately made you feel more peaceful and less anxious. Ecotherpahy is a field that deals with emergence with nature and its effects on mental … Continue reading Greenery’s Mood Manipulation

The Psychological Effects of Bullying and Being Bullied

The topic of bullying lingers day in and day out when the discussion of school appears. There is always a group that acts as the “bullies” in a particular middle or high school setting. While bullying may have been overly instigated in movies and T.V shows, the sad reality is that bullying has all too commonly been placed in reality as well. Before we get … Continue reading The Psychological Effects of Bullying and Being Bullied

Mental States in the Fight for a Longer Life

We all want to live as long as we possibly can. We want to experience the full wonders and joys of this world. We want to go on vacation to the most pristine and elegant places on this planet. We want to be able to experience new foods, cultures, and lifestyles. However, we will never be able to fully experience all the wonders in this … Continue reading Mental States in the Fight for a Longer Life

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Food, an essential element to our living, is consumed regularly by people in at least three different parts of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because of its consistent use, it is highly important that we know how to properly manage its consumption. Food can either bring an advantage or disadvantage to the human body. Therefore, it is also important to get physical activity to … Continue reading Nutrition and Physical Activity

Dangers of Addiction: Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. It is sometimes used for medical purposes but other times its used for “fun”. Cannabis can be used in different ways: vaping, smoking, or even within food, providing many physical and mental effects on the body through its use. It is very popular in today’s age; in 2013, between 128 and 232 million … Continue reading Dangers of Addiction: Marijuana

The Concoction of Social Media Usage

Since the dawn of the technological revolution, in the 1950’s, up until the 21st century, technology and digital processes have dominated modern society. The spur of different technology companies, such as Microsoft and Google, seemed too good to be true. Up until this day, these two companies have been dominating the digital world. With the continuous avalanche of technology and social media companies sprouting on … Continue reading The Concoction of Social Media Usage

Flu Epidemic Hits the States and Beyond

Winter, commonly referred to as the season of sickness, has seen a recent flu epidemic. Hundreds of thousands of students nationwide have contracted this virus, leading to school shut downs in 12 states. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between October 1, 2018 and January 19, 2019, there have been 11.4 million recorded flu cases, 5.4 million recorded medical visits, and … Continue reading Flu Epidemic Hits the States and Beyond

How to Have Productive Mornings

It all starts when the bottom and top lips diverge. The eyes take in a vibrant sun. Confused at first, but then everything starts to become comprehensible: it’s a new day. The birds chanting in the distance slowly dismantle our slumber. Trying to convince ourselves to go back to sleep, we slowly resign. Thrusting our blanket out of the way, we look at the clock. … Continue reading How to Have Productive Mornings