Happy Holidays!

It’s exam week and that means we’ve almost arrived at winter break, but there are still a few school days left in this semester and in 2020. To add a little holiday cheer to the stress of exams, here are a few of the things City Voice writers do for fun over the winter holidays alongside some positive memories from this truly unprecedented year. Have an amazing break and we’ll see you in January!

Sophia Xu

Some fun ideas for winter break are to watch holiday movies, sleep in, go online shopping, build an igloo (if it snows), make hot chocolate, and decorate your house! Another fun idea is to host a secret santa with your family, where each person draws a family member’s name out of a hat and has to buy a gift for them, making for a fun surprise!

Jonathan Hoffman

Something positive that happened this year was the fact that wearing sweatpants and tees became acceptable fashion choices all day and every day. Also we now know to never take in person school for granted again.

Krishna Mano

Over break, I am looking forward to spending time with my family and relaxing from school. I am also excited to hunker down in a corner for a whole week with just a blanket, some snacks, and a stack of books to read. If this apocryphal dream doesn’t work out, I would enjoy writing stories and getting presents for Christmas!

Helen Engbers

My favorite thing to do over the winter holidays is make gingerbread houses with my family. We all decorate it and it is so much fun.

Sparsh Aiyar

Sledding! Sledding is just one of those activities that’s fun for everyone. Call your friends up and go sledding with them or any winter sport, just spend time with your friends and family!

The Scrivener

If you’re looking for a way to stay in touch with friends over winter break, or any time of year, try starting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to tell stories and explore strange new lands with friends, or even invent your own world.

Megan Vandraager

Many of my family’s holiday traditions will sadly look different this year, but some things I am looking forward to are beating my two siblings in our annual Mario Kart showdown and making holiday cookies with my sister.

Aaron Chen

Go eat some good food! Holidays means that food should be as pleasant and filling as possible.

Vishnu Mano

Although 2020 might not have gone down as a good year, I am forever grateful for the events that took place surrounding my transition to City Middle High School. The highlight of 2020, for me, was my smooth transition to this school. The friendliness of the students, teachers, and staff at City made me feel welcomed.

Kumar Varma

Over Winter Break, I plan to watch a bunch of movies, and possibly come up with some interesting movie ideas of my own. Watching movies is fun, and writing movies is academic/creative, so its a great activity to try over the long break.

Maya Lobo

Something positive that happened in 2020, is that we still successfully managed to make school happen! Even though it is online, we made it happen and in my opinion that is very positive because we are still learning!

Romy Mckellar

I’m pretty excited to go sledding and have lots of hot chocolate. I also love ice skating so I’m pretty excited for that.