Iran’s Global Fight for Women’s Rights: How A Historically Unjust Country Triggered Worldwide Solidarity

No matter where you saw it – aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, watching your feed of YouTube Shorts, or seeing the large headlines on the New York Times – the protests in Iran have reached the phones and front doors of wide audiences as the most recent fight against an authoritarian regime has risen. Following leaked cases of government violations of human and women rights, many … Continue reading Iran’s Global Fight for Women’s Rights: How A Historically Unjust Country Triggered Worldwide Solidarity

US Open Recap

Unlike last year’s US Open, the 2021 US Open allowed spectators to attend one of the biggest professional tennis tournaments in the world in person. This news was quite exciting for the tennis community, and it showed. The crowds were like no other, the contenders were more competitive than ever, and several teenage underdogs shone throughout the 2-week long tournament.  While tennis singles is typically … Continue reading US Open Recap

The Inheritance Games Review

The Inheritance Games (book) is rated ages 12 and up by Amazon.  Avery Gambs comes from almost nothing. An average high school student, she hopes for little more than to get scholarships to find a major where she makes enough to get by. Everything changes when she receives billions of dollars in inheritance from a stranger – but there is always a catch.  This confounding … Continue reading The Inheritance Games Review

The History of Dungeons and Dragons

In 1974 Gary Gygax published Dungeons & Dragons. Now in 2021, we sit here with the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. What happened in between? Let me tell you… In 1973 Gary Gygax and Don Kaye (Gary’s childhood friend) founded TSR Inc. to publish the fantasy RPG Dungeons and Dragons, a game that Gary and Dave Arneson (who Gary met in 1969) had co-created. … Continue reading The History of Dungeons and Dragons

Give Foundation a Chance

Foundation (show) is rated TV-14 by the MPAA. Reviewers need to cut Apple TV’s Foundation some slack. In the week since the show premiered, I’ve been surprised and disappointed to read a parade of disillusioned reviews of Apple’s new flagship series, all written by reviewers seemingly eager to pick holes in what is, by and large, a good show. Sure, it’s not a perfectly strict … Continue reading Give Foundation a Chance

How the Gap Creates a Gap

Commonly coined as the ‘Gap Within the Gap’, economic status plays an important role in the success of students in districts across the country, state, and city. This issue is relevant within our own school district Grand Rapids Public Schools, and how our students are affected. Students who are at an economic disadvantage more often have lower test scores than their well-off peers. As this … Continue reading How the Gap Creates a Gap

First Hawkeye Trailer Revealed

Hawkeye is coming. On November 24th, 2021, the new Hawkeye TV show will be released on Disney+. Based on the day that the first episode releases on, we can only assume that new episodes will be released on Wednesdays. Hawkeye, the MCU’s 4th live-action Disney TV-Show, and Marvel’s 5th Disney+ series, is said to have a number of characters that have made very few appearances … Continue reading First Hawkeye Trailer Revealed

What Happened at the 2021 Met Gala?

This year’s coveted Met Gala happened on Monday, September 13th. The novel COVID-19 pandemic canceled the 2020 event, but due to vaccination rates and safety precautions, it became a much less risky event this year.  The theme of this year’s event is “America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, which suggests American independence, celebrating American designers, and the advancement of sustainability, inclusion, and boldness in the styles … Continue reading What Happened at the 2021 Met Gala?