Why is Black History Month Important?

Black History Month is a holiday celebrated all over the world. It symbolizes the hardships that African Americans and people of color have gone through, but also celebrates how far they have come.

Black History is important because it celebrates achievements from abolishing slavery to being treated the same as people who thought people of color were less superior. It shows people that just because you look different and your skin is different from somebody else’s doesn’t mean you are less important or shouldn’t be treated the same. It gives people of color a chance to shine and be recognized unlike the rest of the year.

I think that some people think having black history month is unnecessary, that we don’t need a whole month for African Americans, but it is important and more people need to realize that. They think that because some people feel that we should cancel Black History Month and we need to celebrate all year round. Some people also feel like, for one month, the nation makes it a point to honor the black innovators, leaders, and trailblazers they can’t seem to acknowledge any other time. They also think having a month for people of color is reductive and racist.

Even though people of color get overlooked and put down this month we get to celebrate the color of our skin and shine through.

“The time is always right to do what is right”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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