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With a new year here at City High Middle School and at The City Voice, now seems to be the perfect time to introduce the amazing writing team that makes The City Voice what it is! Don’t forget, City Voice membership is open year round and joining is as easy as signing up at

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Aaron Chen

Hello! I am a current Junior at City Middle/High School. I am interested in music and current events, especially economic and political topics. Here at City, I am a part of the Speech and Debate team, NHS Executive Board, and the City Chess Club.

Anna Paetschow

Hi my name is Anna! I’m a seventh grader and I am interested in a wide range of writing. I enjoy reading and hanging out with animals. I have a dog, two guinea pigs, and two crested geckos. I ride OTTBs every other week. I also do Odyssey Of The Mind and my team made it to world finals last year!

Avi Huntress

Loves writing, reading fanfic, and watching anime.


Brigid enjoys spending time with her dog, sewing, and writing. She also likes baking delicious food.

Chloe Diehm

Hey! I’m in the seventh grade at City. A few things I’m passionate about are animals, writing, spending time with my friends, photography, and music.


My name is Claudia and I’m a sophomore at City! I enjoy studying politics, law, and history. My other interests include music, art, fashion, reading, and spending time in nature.


Editor in Chief in my fourth year at The City Voice. If you have a question about any of my articles, a topic you want us to write about, or you’re interested in contributing to the paper, please feel free to email me at

Helen Engbers

My name is Helen, I have 3 siblings and live with my parents. I have 2 dogs and one fish. I love to bake and run and my favorite subject is English.

Jonathan Hoffman

Hello everyone. I am a 12th grader this year at City and this is my second year at the City Voice. I love to write about sports, science and sometimes even other topics. I hope you are enjoying our City Voice articles!

Krishna Mano

Hello! My name is Krishna Mano and I am an 8th Grader at City Middle School. This is my second year writing for the City Voice. My most favorite hobbies are reading, playing the violin, and programming. I also enjoy writing short stories and newspaper articles. If you have any questions about my articles please contact me at:

Lena Reeves

Sophomore at City. Enjoys being outside, reading? and spends most of time listening to music.

Lucia Maher

My name is Lucia and I am a freshman at City High Middle. Some of my favorites things are soccer, reading, Clairo’s music, and the movie Little Women.

Luke Fann

My name is Luke Fann, and I am 12. I love to write fantasy, play Dungeons & Dragons, and play disc golf. I also like to read, bake, and draw!

Maya Oeverman

I am a Junior at City and I normally write the weekly book reviews! If I’m not reading, you can usually find me at the barn riding and taking care of the horses.

Micaiah Lane

Hi! I am Micaiah and I am a Freshman here at City. This is My 3rd your at City and I am passionate about writing, singing, painting, and animals. Anything fluffy or furry is my best friend!

Nick Hankins

Hello, my name is Nick. This is my 3rd year at City and I am excited as ever to begin the new school year. This is my first year at The City Voice and I look forward to joining the school family that is The City Voice Paper.

Nkechinyere Okwuwasi

Hi! My name is Nkechi. Im currently in 7th grade! I love writing, math, and science.


I enjoy writing about current events in many areas ranging from fashion to business. I have two dogs and I enjoy playing soccer in my free time.

Ryan Yon

Hi! My name is Ryan Yon. I am a sophomore in high school and enjoy swimming, playing tennis, and spending time with my friends. I’m so excited to be able to write for the City Voice!

Sam Ostrow

Hi! My name is Sam Ostrow and I’m a freshman at City High School. This is my second year writing for The City Voice. I enjoy watching and playing Sports, reading books, and of course writing. I also like to debate and collect baseball cards. If you have any questions, email me at

Sophia Xu

Hello, my name is Sophia Xu and I am currently a junior at City High Middle School. While I write about a wide variety of topics, my interests include pop culture and current events. Some other extracurriculars I am a part of are NHS, MIHS, Union Golf, Union Tennis, and Girl Up. For any questions or inquiries, contact me at

Sparsh Aiyar

Hello, my name is Sparsh and I do the music column! I cover anything music related (usually early 2000’s punk and rock) and anime! I love writing and hopefully, you enjoy my products!

Vishnu Mano

Hi! My name is Vishnu Mano and I am an editor here at The City Voice. Apart from writing/editing articles, my hobbies include music, speech and debate, and coding.
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