Chapter 6: The Secrets

Walter tried telling himself everything was fine, which was probably the first time he had lied since he wished his loud and obnoxious neighbor a happy birthday. All Walter knew was that the kid had struck a nerve with Aaron because of the smelling salt incident. Personally, Walter thought that Aaron should’ve thanked the kid, but Aaron started yelling instead. The kid was surprisingly loud … Continue reading Chapter 6: The Secrets

Chapter 7: All the Flowers in the Field

Aaron woke up. He was still in the hidden room. A figure stood over him. A short figure. “Aaron, are you ok?” The figure asked. It was the kid. “What’s happening?” Aaron wondered aloud. “I was shoving you aside because I wanted to check this room out, but you started screaming, so I put my hand over you to silence you, and then you fainted,” … Continue reading Chapter 7: All the Flowers in the Field

Chapter 4: Unexpected Encounters Part 2

Scarlett was alive. She was close to death, though. Aaron had limited medical knowledge, but he could still bandage the wounds and stop them from getting infected. He needed to get to his office to grab the rest of his toolkit, so he ran across the building to the elevator. This floor was dark, and almost none of the lights were on. Aaron made it … Continue reading Chapter 4: Unexpected Encounters Part 2

Chapter 3: Unexpected Encounters Part 1

Scarlett kept running. Hallways flew past her as she navigated the laboratory’s third floor. Scarlett found it peculiar that none of the lights were on. The lights were always on. She brushed that thought aside and focused on the task at hand: getting away from the creature she helped create. And finding Aaron. He had just been in the experimenting room with her. They had … Continue reading Chapter 3: Unexpected Encounters Part 1

Chapter 2: The Hunt

“Aaron, where did you go?” Scarlett asked. Silence. “Aaron?” Scarlett asked again, her voice high-pitched. The hall outside the experimenting room was deadly quiet except for Scarlett’s voice. “Aaron was just here,” Scarlett muttered to herself. “Where did he go?” A low rumble came from the other side of the hallway. The lights flickered, then went out. “Aaron?” Scarlett shouted, shivering. Another rumble, and this … Continue reading Chapter 2: The Hunt