The Dungeons & Dragons OGL Fiasco

For the past two weeks, the Dungeons & Dragons community has been in shambles. On January 9th, a leaked revision of the Open Gaming License (OGL) blew up the internet. The new license would replace the original one, which gave third-party developers the right to make their own D&D content and sell it and use content from the System Reference Document (SRD), which contained elements … Continue reading The Dungeons & Dragons OGL Fiasco

EVGA and Nvidia Split Up?!?!

On September 16, 2022 Graphics card manufacturing company EVGA had announced to the Personal Computer industry that they are planning on cutting the cord, and stopping their partnership with Graphics Card Corporation Nvidia, according to the following forum posted by Product Manager at EVGA Jacob F. on the Official EVGA forum. “EVGA will not carry the next generation graphics cards. EVGA will continue to support … Continue reading EVGA and Nvidia Split Up?!?!

Among Us Was the Most Played Game of 2020

Within the span of a year, the game Among Us has amassed more than one billion players, earning it the title of “most popular game ever” based on monthly players. In November alone, Among Us reports that there were roughly 500 million active players. The game has become so popular that the developers have decided to cancel their plans to launch a sequel and instead … Continue reading Among Us Was the Most Played Game of 2020

Star Wars is Coming to Minecraft

For Minecraft players, it is not new to see Star Wars related content in the game. However, Minecraft has recently released its new DLC Star Wars pack, and it is massive. It will be a new experience never seen before and have many features that will keep you playing for hours. The packs released in the past have only contained skins. These are not anything … Continue reading Star Wars is Coming to Minecraft