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Happy Lunar New Year! 春节快乐!

On Friday, February 12, 2021, people all over the world celebrated Lunar New Year, better known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival. This date signified the end of winter and the beginning of spring, as well as the beginning of the Year of the Ox in the Chinese twelve animal zodiac cycle. All over the world, billions of people […]

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What is IB? An Interview With Ms. Vandervliet

To celebrate City High Middle’s 10th anniversary as an IB school I interviewed Ms. Vandervliet, City’s former IB Coordinator and current Vice Principal, about the history of IB and what makes the curriculum so unique. In general, what’s cool about IB? Why seek out a program like City’s? To start from the beginning, the International Baccalaureate initially came to fruition […]

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The Inside Explanation of CHMS Part VIII

Language Teachers Mrs. Alexander ~ English (And Chemistry) Q. “How many years have you taught at City?” A. “This is my 3rd year.” Q. “What grades have you taught?” A. “7, 8, and 10.” Q. “On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst, how well behaved are your classes overall?” A. “3.75.” Q. “On […]

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The Inside Explanation of CHMS Part VII

12th Grade Nina Lu Q. How many years have you been at City? A. Six Q. Do you like the people (staff and students) at City? A. Yes, the open minded and academic community is what has made City unique for me. However, the social environment can get competitive and pressure is high. The staff are generally supportive and skilled […]

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A Look Back at Normal School Life

When the COVID-19 shutdowns started everything changed, seemingly overnight. School closed, stay at home orders were issued, and everything stopped. With everything so different it can be easy to forget what normal school life was like before COVID-19. Back in February two of our writers interviewed several students to find out how 7th grade student athletes balance school, social life, […]

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Is there a simple way to become more positive?

This week we’re excited to publish 10th grader Kennedy Mikel’s Personal Project. Kennedy created a study to analyze whether doing a few simple tasks every day can improve your positivity. This post was previously published in February and is being re-shared as part of the personal project virtual expo. Recently, I’ve noticed within myself, fellow classmates, and highschoolers as a […]

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Vote for Your Favorite Teachers

If you know a teacher who always goes above and beyond with their lesson plans, keeps you excited about topics that you normally wouldn’t be interested in, or who’s class you simply enjoy, GRPS has a new opportunity for you to honor your favorite teachers. The school district has launched a Google Form asking students to nominate extraordinary teachers or […]

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Chinese New Year

A conversation with Mr. Beckwith Chinese New Year is China’s most important festival and holiday time in the same way Christmas is to many Americans. It is based on the Lunar Calendar and, unlike Christmas, lasts many days. This year the first day was January 25th. The Chinese New Year is generally celebrated for a week, and during that week […]