A Look Back at Normal School Life

When the COVID-19 shutdowns started everything changed, seemingly overnight. School closed, stay at home orders were issued, and everything stopped. With everything so different it can be easy to forget what normal school life was like before COVID-19. Back in February two of our writers interviewed several students to find out how 7th grade student athletes balance school, social life, after school obligations, and sports all together? This is what they found out.

Seeing that 7th graders are newer to the school, they have a harder time adjusting to the stress that comes with responsibility. City is known for having a lot of homework, and being very stressful. We have asked several students how they balance school, social life, sports and other obligations. Here are some things they have to say about how they manage their time:

Charlotte Beresford (7th): I have to maintain study habits so I do not feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. If I get my homework and studying done before I go to practice, then I can enjoy sports without having to think of school at the same time.

Lucia Maher (7th): I play soccer for a club, and when I practice it helps me get my feelings out and it relieves my stress.

Emma Jackson (7th): I would say that I usually  do my homework right after practice. And I do not struggle with mine, but other people may struggle making plans with my friends. Maintaining a balance between work and life is difficult but not impossible. 

Dylan Sanborn (7th): I have to be really dedicated to what I do, and with homework I have to pay attention in class so it is easier to do. 

Charlotte Moxon (7th): I usually do not have that much work, That much work, I just do not have enough time to do everything I would like.I don’t have enough time to do what I want to anymore. I’m usually really tired when I come home from practice and still have to eat dinner and shower, so after I do my homework I have to go right to bed which doesn’t give me a ton of time to read, or draw, or play on my phone.

Adolfo Monterroso (7th): I do my work by always getting it done before going home so I don’t have to use my time after school.

Gabriel Vessey (7th): I try to not procrastinate on school work so I have time for sports and time to hang out with friends. I do all my homework right after I get home, and if I don’t have it done, I can’t hang out with my friends or go to sports practice.

Most of the 7th graders think that it can be stressful to balance everything that’s going on. For students involved in sports, procrastination does not seem to be a problem. It seems that it is difficult to balance work and sports, but it is, nonetheless, possible.

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