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In Defense of Google Classroom

In a year marred by chaos, uncertainty, and the daily struggle of getting to class online, Google Classroom remained unwaveringly steadfast. My classes have used Google Classrooms since 7th grade, but this year especially became my home base, the first site I visited once I’d gotten my laptop powered on in the predawn light. My classes would greet me […]

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Time Management Tips!

The rigorous International Baccalaureate program at City makes time management essential for academic success. These are some of the best time management tips I’ve picked up over my years at City! DO: Use a planner! It can be digital or physical, as long as it works well for you.  Planners help me remember assignments that I end up forgetting to […]

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 A part of feminism that often goes overlooked is trans-exclusionary radical feminism. This is inherently negative and contradictory. These are often women who believe that trans women are trying to “take over” female spaces, which is not the case at all. If they are trans women, they are women who belong in women’s spaces. An infamous TERF that has been […]

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Understanding Extracurriculars

Extracurricular activities are a great way to make friends, find a niche, discover your interests, and more. Those vying for a spot in a top 20 college or university already know the importance of these activities in your college applications. It can be stressful hearing how people getting accepted to Harvard and Stanford ran in Student Government elections, competed in […]

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Going Back to Theatres

After more than six months, movie theatres are back open. If you know me, you know that I love movies. Action, Adventure, Thriller, Horror, Crime, it’s all good! There really is no bad way to watch a movie, but for the best possible experience there can only be one choice: movie theatres! Movie theatres seamlessly combine an energetic and exciting […]


A Recipe For Holiday Music

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The weather outside is, well, frightful. Red and green lights and ornaments hang from almost anywhere, and the constant blasting of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” can be heard from just about everyone’s car radios and local retail stores. Ah yes, it’s Christmas time. The holidays are usually […]

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The Gyms are Open! Good, Right?

Wednesday, September 9: The gyms re-opened. After a nearly six month long hiatus, the ban was finally lifted, and things could finally start to return to normal… with a few restrictions. Nevertheless, I was excited. As someone who opted out of the complications that come along with high-school sports at City, the gym was one of my only outlets for […]


Hamilton: Live vs. Disney+

Ever since Hamilton came out on Disney plus it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback but I was lucky enough to see it in person before the virus hit, so I want to share with you the perspective of someone who saw the play in person before watching it on TV. I am afraid that my perspective is biased […]


New Font Available Now (Free Speech Sold Separately)

Have you ever clicked “Agree” on a terms and conditions statement without reading it? If you are like 91% of Americans the answer is almost certainly yes, and it is hard to blame you. After all, what company would be so bold as to sneak a worrisome clause into an otherwise innocuous agreement? Surprisingly, it turns out that in 2020 […]


This New Flight Simulator Is Awfully Realistic

In 1328 Italian poet Dante Alighieri began writing his seminal work, Inferno, wherein he guided readers on a trip through hell. Why exactly anyone would want to write a book with such a setting has been asked by many subsequent generations of English students, but today that spirit has returned in force with a new indie video game that invokes […]