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200th Article

It seems hard to believe that it was only three months ago that school shut down, but in that short time a whole 100 City Voice articles have been published! This article marks 200 posts on The City Voice website, and none of that would have been possible without such amazing support from you, the students at City High Middle. […]

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Goodbye, See You Next Year

It is hard to believe that the 2019-2020 school year is already coming to an end. It has been a long year, and a very eventful one. Nobody could have imagined at the beginning of this year that by final exam time we would all be doing online school amidst a global pandemic. Despite all that, we are happy that […]

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Thank You to All of Our International Visitors

While The City Voice is the school newspaper for City High Middle, our website is technically available to anyone with a search engine. From website statistics we know that while a majority of our readers come from City, we also have a few loyal readers from different countries all over the world, as shown by the map of our visitors […]

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Announcing City Voice Merchandise

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, we are happy to announce one last big update to The City Voice for this school year: the addition of a merchandise page! If you enjoy reading The City Voice and want to help us continue writing consider showing your support by purchasing a nice mug or notebook. We also have t-shirts […]

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The Case For and Against Robot Sheepdogs

Robotics startup Boston Dynamics appears to have taken the current crisis as an invitation to insert robots into every industry they can find. A few weeks ago we reported on how their dog-like Spot robots are being used to remotely treat patients in Boston hospitals. More recently, Spots were deployed in public parks in Singapore to encourage residents to maintain […]

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Please Do Not Buy the $350 5GBioShield Scam

A few weeks ago we reported on the conspiracy theory that 5G wireless signals cause coronavirus, a theory which seemed to cause a pandemic of cell tower arson. Now that same panic has lent some British scammers a foothold. The suspiciously new startup 5GBioShield is selling USB sticks for around $350 per stick, claiming that the diminutive storage devices use […]

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Vote for Teacher of the Year, Again

With all that has happened recently it can often seem like it has been more than a year since the last Teacher of the Year vote, but believe it or not it is that time of year again. You can now vote for the Teacher of the Year below. Voting closes at midnight Thursday and the winner will be announced […]

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Edenville Dam Failure Threatens Michigan Towns

For more than 96 years the Edenville dam has turned the Tittabawassee River into a peaceful lake, but at 6:00 PM on Tuesday the dam officially failed. Edenville County officials spent most of Tuesday warning citizens to evacuate in case the dam broke. By the time flood waters rushed into the valley in late evening, the dam’s spill water floodgates […]

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US Space Force Launches Secret Space Plane

Ever since NASA officially decommissioned the space shuttle in 2011, Earth’s skies have been relatively free of space planes. Except for, of course, the secret one. Since 2004 the US Air Force has been operating a fully autonomous space plane, one that is slightly less secret than the Air Force may want it to be. Orbital launches are big and […]

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What is the Future of the Moon?

In 1969, people all over the world watched as Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the Moon. The historic landing came only eight years after US President John F. Kennedy announced the ambitious goal. In the following three years, six more crewed missions were launched, five of which reached the Moon. Since Apollo 17 landed on the […]

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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date Announced

Last year, Netflix’s innovative superhero drama The Umbrella Academy  dominated the internet for a few weeks after its February premiere. The City Voice even wrote a review of it at the time, which you can read here. In short, the show follows a dysfunctional family of seven adoptive siblings who come back together for their abusive father’s funeral, only to […]

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Google Wants to Know Your Gender. Here’s Why.

A big part of journalism is identifying questions that we encounter in everyday life and attempting to answer them, and this article is exactly that. As part of what I do for The City Voice, I have to maintain a number of different Google accounts for different aspects of the newspaper. None of these accounts are people, but simply represent […]

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What is a Murder Hornet?

2020 is beginning to seem a bit cursed. Our recent headlines have been a bit doom and gloom, first a global pandemic, then increasing quarantines and shutdowns, then desperate koalas, and so much more. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that we now have something new to worry about, “murder hornets”. As the name suggests, these insects are […]

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Tom Cruise is Going to Space

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full force, many likely want things to just go back to normal. Nevertheless, despite a widespread public exhaustion with record setting, NASA and Hollywood still have their sights set on loftier goals. Specifically, the two are determined to shoot for the stars by flying action movie star Tom Cruise into space. That’s right, within […]