The History of Dungeons and Dragons

In 1974 Gary Gygax published Dungeons & Dragons. Now in 2021, we sit here with the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. What happened in between? Let me tell you… In 1973 Gary Gygax and Don Kaye (Gary’s childhood friend) founded TSR Inc. to publish the fantasy RPG Dungeons and Dragons, a game that Gary and Dave Arneson (who Gary met in 1969) had co-created. … Continue reading The History of Dungeons and Dragons

Featured Club: Maker Club

Maker Club has had a chaotic history. Since its creation in 2018, it has changed its name three times and moved rooms twice. Nevertheless, throughout its journey what was originally known as 3D Printer Club has never lost sight of its original purpose: to provide creative students with the opportunity to use cool technologies and make new things. IB is all about creativity, from the … Continue reading Featured Club: Maker Club

Featured Club: City Service Club

City has seen a handful of new clubs popping up this year, including Girl Up City High and Mock Trial. One of the most prominent ones is the new City Service Club. The goal of this club is to provide CAS opportunities for all students grades 7-12 and promote the values of kindness, empathy, and volunteering in our school community.  Recently, City Service Club has … Continue reading Featured Club: City Service Club

Mock Trial Club Promotion

Mock trial was founded in 1985 by Dean Richard Calkins of Drake Law. The long-term objective for the mock trial club was to bring students together that had an interest in law and logic. Through integration of a mock trial club at City we would create a space for students to learn about law and the structure of a trial. The group would discuss different … Continue reading Mock Trial Club Promotion