Mock Trial Club Promotion

Mock trial was founded in 1985 by Dean Richard Calkins of Drake Law. The long-term objective for the mock trial club was to bring students together that had an interest in law and logic. Through integration of a mock trial club at City we would create a space for students to learn about law and the structure of a trial. The group would discuss different cases and come up with new case theories, themes, and would eventually practice in mock trials.

Mock trial teaches students a plethora of essential skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and the art of forming a persuasive and cohesive argument. Mock trial is a competition in which students simulate what happens in a real trial. This year we’ll be focusing on honing skills and doing some scrimmages against each other. We may also get to have some teleconferences with other teams both around the U.S. and potentially with Canada! We might have some fun field trips lined up to court houses or law firms in order to get some more exposure to the world of law.

Mock trial does not have to be a huge burden for you. This club is a 100% judgement-free zone in which we all help each other. This is a team, meaning we all just want the best for each other. Since will work together on most activities and because this is not a class, I would like to see that all members are actively participating.

Meetings will be different every week:

1. Content: We will be covering new content every week. Which is why it’s important for you to come check in weekly. If you can’t then info will (hopefully) be up on google classroom. 

2. Collaboration: After getting notes and activity information regarding each week’s content you will have time to work together on whatever activity we’re doing.

3. Contact: For the last 10-15 minutes (at most) we will all re-group to talk about any findings, questions, confusion, etc.

What you will GAIN:

  1. You will meet new people both at and outside City
  2. You will improve your speaking skills
  3. You will have a better understanding of what real trials and justice systems look like
  4. Mock trial forces you to think on your feet and construct persuasive arguments and examinations
  5. *CAS hours or college apps*

For more information check out @chmsmocktrial on Instagram or stop by Mr. Ezekiel’s room (room 322B)!