A Pandemic Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics will begin on February 4th in Beijing, China. This is Beijing’s first time hosting the winter games. Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008, making it the first city to host both events. Usually, millions of people attend the Olympics, but with the special circumstances, guests will be very limited. Beijing has already laid out many elaborate precautions during the pandemic, but … Continue reading A Pandemic Winter Olympics

All Fear the New Leader: The Dangers of the Omicron Variant

Just a few days ago, as I was scrolling through my social media feed ranting about how fake news has been spread so easily, arguably more transmissible than COVID-19 itself, I stumbled upon an article that took me one step further than rage: hysterical laughing. The bolded text read ‘New Fried Chicken Recipe Cures Omicron Variant of Coronavirus.’ And any human will have any one … Continue reading All Fear the New Leader: The Dangers of the Omicron Variant

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

As expected, the holiday season did in fact cause a surge in COVID-19 cases. With family and friends gathering together to celebrate, many people became ill and exposed others. With the new Omicron variant, COVID-19 cases are even higher than anyone would have imagined a few months ago. It is important to wear your mask, get vaccinated, and keep your distance from those not in … Continue reading COVID-19 Cases on the Rise

How Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Work?

The COVID-19 virus has claimed the lives of over 2 million people worldwide, kept countries in lockdown for months, and ravaged the economies of global superpowers. Our world has held its breath, waiting for the news of a potential vaccine. And finally, the time has come for this vaccine to be distributed to the world. As factories work at maximum capacity to produce more doses, … Continue reading How Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Work?

What is Contact Tracing?

Over the past few weeks the news has been full of reports about contact tracing, a medical technique intended to limit the spread of COVID-19. This new technique, coupled with new technology, promises to stop the outbreak and maybe even get us out of lockdown sooner. Despite all of its benefits, contact tracing also opens the door for authoritarian tracking straight out of Orwell. What … Continue reading What is Contact Tracing?