An interview with Mr. Huppert about City’s first Homecoming dance

For this interview, we asked Mr. Huppert on his opinions about the upcoming Highschool Homecoming dance.

Q and A

  • Why did you decide to host the dance this year?

Mr. Huppert: So we have had students, asking to have a homecoming themed week in the fall, that culminates in a dance. And so this is in response to students, requesting it.

  • How excited are you?

Mr. Huppert: I am very excited, I’ll be there and I know it’s going to be a ton of fun and I look forward to all of our dances. 

  • Do you have any fears for the dance?

Mr. Huppert: My only fear would be if someone comes and doesn’t have a good time. 

  • Are there any big rules?

Mr. Huppert: The biggest rules are you’ve got to dance, dance, dance! And have fun! 

  • How many people do you hope will attend the dance?

Mr. Huppert: I hope that the majority of all our students will attend and we always want all our students to feel welcome at a social event. 

  • What foods and activities will be there?

Mr. Huppert: There will be dancing, music, loud music, more dancing, more music, and snacks, and drinks. Being whatever the students who are organizing decide to bring. Usually it’s some kind of punch, and cookies or brownies.

  • What type of music is there going to be?

Mr. Huppert: It will be all kinds but specifically student chosen music. Students make up a playlist and incorporate ideas into that from other students. It’s going to be a wide variety. 

  • In our EPIC classes, some of the most asked questions was, why didn’t you extend the dance to the middle schoolers, or instead have a separate event?

Mr. Huppert: So we do have the middle school activity night, but it’s not the same as a dance I understand. Traditionally homecoming dances are a highschool celebration and this was something that was organized by the highschoolers. But we love the middle schoolers too and want them to have fun so we hope they have a good time at the activity night. 

  • What is your image for the perfect dance?

Mr. Huppert: The perfect dance is where I think one where everyone has music they like, that they find something they can dance to, and that they have some friends that they can bond with.

  • Are you planning on dancing?

Mr Huppert: Typically no one asks me to dance, and there is probably a good reason for that. But it depends on what’s playing, if the right song comes on I might have to go “Shake it up”. 

  • Do you know any popular dances?

Mr Huppert: Do I know any popular dances? Of course! Like popular from the nineties? The running man, would be the coolest dance out there right now, or maybe not right now, but one of the coolest of all time. The running man. So yeah, I’m super hip. 

  • And, our last question is, have you ever been to homecoming?

Mr. Huppert: I have. Yeah when I was in highschool, we did go. I had a girl ask me to go, so I went, and we had a great time. 

  • That’s it. Thank you. 
  • Thank you for your time.