How Schoology Works

As the new GRPS platform Schoology is new to many of us, I wanted to inform everyone on the ins and outs of it. I had already been struggling with Schoology for weeks when I joined The City Voice, where I got the assignment of doing a deep dive on Schoology that led to some interesting discoveries. 

Turning in Assignments

  1. Go to materials / create docs 
  2. Click on the assignment name
  3. Click on “Submit assignments”
  4. Click on “upload/download/Resources” 
  5. Click on “Apps”
  6. Click on Options ->Account settings ->Connect google account
  7. Click on the assignment name 
  8. Click “Import file” 
  9. Click “Add resources” 
  10. Add Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Draw, or a Folder

Other Tools

  • Holt Mcdougal Online is a Spanish resource
  • Sora Overdrive is a library resource


  • Mastery lets students look at assignments
  • Grade report is a report card
  • The attendance is an easier way to look at attendance


If you click on your name, on the drop down menu that appears you can select either City Middle/High or Profile. Under City Middle/High you can see all of the faculty as well as info on our school and others. Under “Profile”, you can see info which has your email and recent classes you went to. You can also make a portfolio if you want to create one.


You will have a calendar for all of your assignments and when they are due.


In Schoology you can receive messages, and if you want to find them more easily go to the envelope icon. You can send messages from here too.


Notifications will appear under the bell icon.

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