Writers’ Picks: The Best Thanksgiving Food

This Thanksgiving, The City Voice is celebrating the holidays with a friendly writers’ room debate about which Thanksgiving dish is the best at the table. Do you have your own picks, or just want to weigh in? Head to the comments section to nominate your favorites, and have a great break everyone!


In my opinion, the unmatched, glorious dish known as mashed potatoes really sells the whole Thanksgiving. While many others rely solely on the infamous thanksgiving turkey, I tend to savor the rich gravy and potatoes during this holiday.

Sparsh Aiyar

I absolutely love mashed potatoes. I feel like mashed potatoes are sometimes overloaded since they’re usually reduced to a side dish. Turkey takes the spotlight away from potatoes and so I think it’s time for mashed potatoes and gravy to shine.

Krishna Mano

I know, I know, the turkey is the biggest part of Thanksgiving, but think about it like this: if you have the turkey but don’t have the gravy, then it’s just plain turkey! The spices and flavors found within this underrated item absolutely change the entire meaning of a Thanksgiving meal. Also, this one is a personal one, but stuffing has always been a comfort to me because it can be eaten in any form. Whether it’s consumed with the turkey, with the gravy, or even by itself, it tastes amazing.

Micaiah Lane

Every year for Thanksgiving, everyone in my family gets together, and everyone brings one thing to share. The turkey is always great, but my aunt always brings a pan of baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows which is by far the best. She sprinkles the marshmallows with cinnamon, and then bakes the sweet potatoes until they are hot and the marshmallows are golden brown. *Delicious*

Jonathan Hoffman

My favorite are the rolls. They are probably the most underrated out of all of the Thanksgiving foods because people take them for granted. People do not usually talk about them, but no Thanksgiving meal is complete without some type of bread or roll with butter.

Vishnu Mano

As my family is getting ready for Thanksgiving, I am realizing how difficult it is to pick a “favorite” food. However, after putting some thought into this question, my favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely mashed potatoes, especially with some cranberry sauce or gravy on the side. It has very little ingredients, is extremely easy to make, and delicious every time.


Thanksgiving for us isn’t a celebration with big dinners and cooking and everything, but when we do end up having cooked dinners with turkey, I specifically keep an eye out for the garlic bread. Everyone likes garlic bread (unless your a vampire of course) and the crispness of the edges contrasted with the warm and soft middle makes for a delicious and iconic side to the thanksgiving meal.

Lena Reeves

I think my favorite has to be mashed potatoes. They’re a classic, and you can never go wrong.

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2 years ago

I personally like the pumpkin pie. I’ve never been a big fan of mashed potatoes, but the pie has always been good.

2 years ago

What the heck do yall have against turkey! I like pumpkin pie the most, but cranberry sauce is challenging that.