Exam Studying Tips

With the first semester at City coming to an end and exams around the corner, student stress levels are high. Most students (and staff) are looking forward to the holidays and a stress-free break, but before we can enjoy that, preparation for exams is a priority.

Here are some tips for successful exams:

  1. Study, study, study! 

While it is a cliché, it’s also the most effective and important way to earn the best possible grade. Flashcards, games, and looking over old tests and work are all examples of good study habits, but whatever works for you is the best way. Take advantage of the material that your teachers give you! Research shows that studying even when you’re tired can help your brain learn new skills. Creating study groups with peers is also both fun and helpful.

  1. Healthy habits

Before exams, it’s important to be prepared both mentally and physically. Get a good night’s sleep and drink lots of water. Indulge yourself in healthy food that improves your concentration and memory. Getting a lot of exercise is a great way to make your brain more alert and prepared to learn.

  1. Ask questions

Teachers are here to help. If you’re confused, ask!

  1. Take your time

Try not to overthink and stress yourself out. Focus on the main points and not unnecessary minor details. If you feel overwhelmed, sit back and look at everything from a different perspective. Think about advice from your teachers and incorporate it into your study habits.

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Hey! I’m in the seventh grade at City. A few things I’m passionate about are animals, writing, spending time with my friends, photography, and music.

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