Festival: A Day in the Life of a City Band Student

1:00 PM: The City band is having Festival today and many of us are not sure what to expect. This year’s Festival is being hosted at Godwin Heights High School.

1:15 PM: The band needed to get on its way so the people that went got to skip Core Advisory and any potential meetings they were to go to. The players were all given a City polo shirt that had to be tucked into black pants and black shoes. 

1:50 PM: Festival is a big deal for our band so we had to stay professional and put our instruments together beforehand. We were given a prep room which had a view of the stadium we were going to play in streaming live through Zoom. 

2:00 PM: The band was then moved to another band room where each individual player was tuned for our best performance. Of course we got to warm up because this had to be our best runs of our songs.

2:30 PM: When it came to the stage, it was like any concert: we were quiet, sat up straight and remained as professional as we could, as we had 4 judges. 

2:30 PM: The judges listened to our songs and had papers to write down their own thoughts. It was comments only so one judge walked on to the stage with us afterward to give us our critiques, making us replay certain parts to better perfect our work.

For anyone wondering about festival, the main things you need to know are to wear all black with a short sleeve shirt, make sure you have all your instrument parts or the right instrument, as obvious as it sounds, and to stay quiet and respect any volunteers. 

If you have any further questions about the Festival event you can email me at galindez-l@students.grps.org.

Writer at The City Voice

My name is Leander Galindez and I am a freshman at City High Middle School. I am new to City Voice and I enjoy playing sports, being active, and love being at school with my friends. I love to really think and deconstruct anything to its core, and through City Voice I can have a place to collect and share my thoughts. If you have any questions about my articles or me, you can email me at galindez-l@students.grps.org.

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