What to Expect from the Multiverse of Madness

The MCU has been building to something called the Multiverse of Madness throughout the entirety of the current faze, yet very little has been revealed about what fans can expect until recently. There have been many speculated events, team ups, and new characters, but now we have an official trailer and the speculation can come to an end. 

The new trailer revealed so much more than I would have expected! To start with, it revealed that Doctor Strange has made a mistake, my guess is that it is one related to the last Spiderman movie. Whatever he did is causing multiple realities to collide, destroying them all simultaneously. Next, this movie will see the return of Wanda Maximoff after the events of Westview. She seems to have gone into hiding, and as people speculated, has been dabbling in multiveral magic herself. Also returning is Mordu, who disappeared after the first Doctor Strange movie. The biggest surprise to me is the return of Dark Strange. A character first introduced in the side series What If, the first hint ever given that the realities explored in that show are connected to anything. Last but not least, there is a voice over that sharp eared listeners will notice sounds a lot like Patrick Stewart, who portrays Professor X in the X-man Movies. Cast lists confirm that Professor X will be joining the MCU as the mutants first leap into the larger cinematic universe! 

We will also see the introduction of new concepts, the first of which are a pair of Ultron-looking robot guards arresting Strange. It is unclear what these might be, but ideas range from a new version of the Time Variance Authority to something altogether new. It is also speculated that a Tony stark variant may be in charge of these robots. We also get a glimpse of a large statue of Doctor Strange in front of his sanctum. It is likely from another reality, perhaps one where Doctor Strange dies instead of Tony? Only time will tell. 

As for the plot, I think it is safe to say that this is going to be bigger than anything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has tried to tackle before. Few details are available yet, but I think it is safe to bet that most of it will revolve around trying to stop the multiverse of madness from coming, but knowing Marvel there is going to be more to it than that. I think that the main problem will not be solved in a single movie and that it is likely that the next phase of the plot will be continued in series such as Loki. 

I think we can expect big things from this movie, whatever happens. And that we can expect this to be a new capstone movie akin to Infinity War. Whatever happens we can expect big things and that afterwards, the path the MCU takes forward will never be the same again. 

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters on May 6th.

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