Hurricane Fiona Devastates Puerto Rico

During the early morning of September 19th, a category 3 hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Dubbed “Hurricane Fiona”, this is the first major hurricane of the 2022 season, with wind speeds of 115 mph. Currently, it is moving northwest at a speed of 10 mph. 

Directional wind speed path of Hurricane Fiona, Source: National Hurricane Center

So far, over 1,000 people have been saved from the flood waters, which are up to a shocking 30 inches high. 2 people have been officially reported dead. Fiona is rampaging through Puerto Rico, which has yet to recover from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Over 3,000 homes are still covered in blue tarp to hide the damages from the devastating 2017 hurricane. While 30 inches of water are high, it’s just 5 inches away from the 35 inches of water that Hurricane Maria caused.

The governor of New York is currently sending troops to help refugees. Only 30% of refugees have clean, running water, and 100,000 out of 1.5 million residents have reported working power. Roofs have been ripped off of homes, and asphalt has been breaking- tearing the road apart. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has declared this a state of emergency. It is estimated that Fiona will grow into a Category 4 hurricane, and will arrive at Bermuda by Thursday.  

You can help this cause by donating to the Hurricane Fiona Relief Fund at the link here: They are also in need of bottled water, clothing, batteries, food, medication, and many more. You can find out more information about donations here:

We are all wishing the best for those down in Puerto Rico, and everywhere else in Hurricane Fiona’s path.


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