29 Year-Old Arrested After Posing as a High School Student

A 29 year-old woman was arrested after posing as a high school student for four days.  Hyejeong Shin enrolled in New Brunswick High School using a fake birth certificate. The motive is unknown by the police thus far. She attended for four days before she was caught by the police and arrested. Students claimed that they felt uneasy when Shin attended classes with them, and no investigation was being taken on the situation. Shin was charged for false government documents and has thereby been banned from the campus of the school. One student claims, “Last week supposedly the administrators let in a 29-year-old. The student body was concerned. One student disclosed personal information to Shin. ” Other students at the high school felt unsafe, and staged a protest on Wednesday afternoon.
Under state law, New Jersey school districts must immediately enroll a student without a guardian or commonly required paperwork. According to the local police department, “Specifically, Ms. Shin provided a false birth certificate to the New Brunswick Board of Education with the intent to enroll as a juvenile high-school student.” Students are now to be refrained from any kind of contact with her, and further actions are yet to be taken.


Writer at The City Voice

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