Premier League Matchweek #7

What is the English Premier League (EPL)?

These paragraphs are just a crash course on the EPL, if you have already read it or have previous knowledge about what the English Premier League is feel free to read ahead. The English Premier League is a tournament for all of the biggest clubs of football/soccer in England. Some notable names in this league are: Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool. In the English Premier League 20 of the biggest clubs battle it out to win the EPL Cup. The English Premier League usually lasts 38 weeks (19 home and away games for each club). Each game is around 90 minutes long with 45 minute halves. Each game has a point value that you can earn. If you win your game you receive 3 points, and if you lose you get 0. If you tie the game you receive 1 point. 

Throughout the season, the points are kept track of, and a table is formed. The table lists all 20 teams in order of points, where the bottom 3 teams are at risk of relegation to a lower competition, Which is why the bottom clubs must fight it out with those above them so they can avoid the bottom 3 spots. On the other hand the top 4 teams are entered into the Champions League and 5 and 6 go into the Europa League. The Champions League is a highly sought after competition and only the best of Europe make it far, I will hopefully be covering this later in the year. Finally the club that finishes the season with the most points is crowned the champions and is awarded the EPL Cup. 

Why was Matchweek 7 postponed?

On the Friday prior to Matchweek 7 the Premier League sent out an official statement saying that they were postponing the fixtures. This was due to the fact that Queen Elizabeth II died on that Thursday, The Queen’s death was not a surprise to many due to her admittance into the hospital on that Wednesday. Matchweek 7 was postponed as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth’s long lasting reign. In a quote from the statement they said “To honor her extraordinary life and contribution to the nation, and as a mark of respect, this weekend’s Premier League match round will be postponed, including Monday evening’s game.” This means that all of Matchweek 7’s fixtures will be rescheduled to a later time. 

“New” Match Week 7 Predictions:

Friday September 16 2022:

Aston Villa vs Southampton (1-1)

Nott’m Forest vs Fulham (1-2)

Saturday September 17 2022: 

Wolves vs Manchester City (0-2)

Newcastle vs Bournemouth (2-1)

Spurs vs Leicester (3-1)

Sunday September 18 2022:

Brentford vs Arsenal (0-2)Everton vs West Ham (0-1)


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