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All About Albatrosses

These giant seabirds have the longest wingspan of any seabird, ranging from 6.5 to 11 feet wide. They are known for their massive body weight of 22 pounds, and average life span of 50 years. You don’t have to get a close-up look in order to see their unmissable slender wings that make them excellent gliders. Any guesses about which […]

Earth Week

Earth Day Read: Becoming Wild During a Pandemic

Orion Magazine is a wonderful source to learn about the natural world and how people perceive and connect to it. This article describes an ecologist, Carl Safina, and his work encouraging us to look at the world around us and realize that for most life on earth, life has not slowed down as ours has. In the article, he responds […]

Earth Week

Earth Day Read: Animals take back the cities

Animals have taken advantage of the lack of people in the streets due to the world wide quarantines. Generic animals that we are accustomed to seeing, such as wild turkeys, raccoons, and squirrels are especially prominent, but more interesting animals have also been spotted. A brazen fox has been seen in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge and a […]