Earth Day Read: Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19

We are in a time of uncertainty and anxiety, but there is still much we should and can do for the environment. This includes volunteering with environmental efforts (safely) -remotely can be a good option. Many sustainability groups are providing virtual events and opportunities. There are lessons to be learned about climate change from understanding this pandemic. First, early action leads to less impact and less cost. It has been clearly shown that taking early aggressive action against the coronavirus has flattened the curve, saving lives. This applies directly to the warming world. If immediate action would have been taken once the science was known, it would have given us more options and lessened the climate crisis. Therefore no more time can be wasted now in solving the climate crisis. Second, disregard for science is dangerous. Listening to infectious disease scientists is key in combating the coronavirus and saving lives. The same is true for combating climate change: the science must be heeded, not turned into a vain political battle. Third, change and risk is difficult to deal with, so foundational education and simple action steps are crucial to collective and effective movement forward. During this unprecedented time, there are important actions to be taken and lessons to be learned to solve the climate emergency still at hand.