FDA Recommends COVID-19 Vaccine For Children Ages 5-11

After teens became eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, everyone was waiting and hoping for that same news to arrive for children under 12. Now it is here. Around 28 million children around the U.S. are now eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Near the end of October, the FDA announced that the vaccine is effective for children ages 5-11, and they recommended that those children that are eligible get their shots.

The FDA stated that the vaccine was tested on 3,100 children ages 5-11. The results were said to be similar to results from teenagers. COVID-19 was prevented in just under 91% of cases in the study. Although many people think that children rarely ever get the virus, 39% of cases in those 18 and younger can be found in children 5-11, so this vaccine will definitely impact the future of children and their families.

For these children, 2 shots will be administered 3 weeks apart, just like all of the other Pfizer vaccines. The only aspect that is different is the dosage. To be exact, children ages 5-11 receive 20 less (⅔ less) micrograms than those age 12 or older. Although the dosage is less, it is still very effective, which the trial data proved. 

Now that another good portion of the United States population can be vaccinated, we can get closer to normalcy and hopefully back to what we once were. The introduction of “booster shots” also proved to be another step in the right direction. All of this news from the FDA excited many, and it gives hope to the people of this country. After a year and a half of a disease-infested country and world, most of us are ready to return to normal.


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