Who’s Banned Russia Now? A List

In response to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, a truly astonishing number of organizations have banned Russia in the past week. Several have also banned Belarus as well.

Some of the major organizations include:

  • FIFA (banned all Russian teams)
  • Union of European Football Associations (banned all Russian teams)
  • The Polish Football Association (refused to play Russia in the World Cup)
  • International Olympic Committee (banned Russia & Belarus)
  • International Ice Hockey Federation (banned Russia & Belarus)
  • Apple Inc. (cut off products in Russia)
  • International Skating Union (banned Russia & Belarus)
  • Disney (no longer releasing films in Russia)
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment (no longer releasing films in Russia)
  • Warner Bros. (no longer releasing films in Russia)
  • European Broadcasting Union (banned Russia)
  • Adidas (no longer working with the Russian Football Union)
  • YouTube (banned Russian media)
  • TikTok (banned Russian media)
  • Facebook (banned Russian media)


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