Scientists Demonstrate Life May Really Flash Before Your Eyes Before Death

A new study may prove the idea that life flashes before your eyes when facing death. As it sounds, this is a brilliant and exciting new scientific breakthrough.

But it was an accident.

Neurological logging of an 87-year-old patient with epilepsy was examined by a team of scientists. However, he died of a heart attack during the neurological recording, providing an astonishing documentation of a dying brain.

Dr. Ajmal Zemmar told BBC that the Vancouver team was able to get a neurological recording of a dying brain. Dr. Zemmar states, “in the 30 seconds before the patient’s heart stopped supplying blood to the brain, his brain waves followed the same patterns as when we carry out high-cognitive demanding tasks, like concentrating, dreaming or recalling memories.” 

30 seconds of no heartbeat typically marks a patient’s death – even though the “recollection of memories” pattern continued until that point. 

BBC gathered more information about this new data, such as this statement: “The study also raises questions about when, exactly, life ends – when the heart stops beating, or the brain stops functioning. Dr Zemmar and his team have cautioned that broad conclusions can’t be drawn from a study of one. The fact that the patient was epileptic, with a bleeding and swollen brain, complicates things further.” 

After a scientific breakthrough like this one, remember to cherish special moments in your life — you might get to see them again.


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