Ye’s Twitter gets suspended after anti-Semitic posts

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, is no stranger to controversy. But his latest ploy to stir up the news is causing his social media accounts to be blocked and worse- an uproar of hate towards America’s Jewish population. 

Ye’s inexcusable choices regarding racial supremacy have showed up before, from the “White Lives Matter” shirt that he wore to fashion week or his idea that slavery was a choice. This time, he specifically targeted Jewish groups with his extremely insensitive twitter post. His post was viewed as highly anti-semitic, an he is facing the repercussions of his dangerous actions, but are they enough?

His long time deal with Adidas has come to a close. The brand under Adidas that made him a billionaire, Yeezy, has been pulled from shelves at Gap and Adidas as the two brand decided to cut ties with him over his online posts. 

Instagram and Twitter, two social media platforms in which Ye has a large following on, decided to restrict his account after his content violated the app’s guidelines. Both apps strictly prohibit the presence of offensive content/language. The Kardashian family has not publicly come to his defense, especially after the rough divorce of Ye and Kim Kardashian. 

Ye’s actions are becoming more and more of a threat to the world around him, but what will it take for him to be ‘canceled’ for good? Only time will tell. 

Writer at The City Voice

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