How to Style the Uniform

The City Middle High School uniform has a surprising amount of options for ways to style it. While it is kind of a pain having to wear a uniform, here are a few ways you can stay practical and stylish while following the dress code.

  1. A blue, white, or black flannel would work really well with the classic blue City shirt. Flannels are very popular and work with the uniform well.
  2. A crewneck is great for layering during the winter. A polo school uniform shirt, as long as the collar is seen, is hidden behind a fun colored crewneck.
  3. Sweater vests have been very popular lately due to the preppy and academic look. Perfect for a school setting! Layer this over a polo or City long-sleeve shirt.
  4. Cardigans are perfect to layer over a thinner school shirt. Try argyle for a preppy look, it is trendy and a good look for school.
  5. If your school pants (khaki, navy, or gray) have loops, try using a belt, which is both practical and can be stylish, if you use the right color that matches the pants.
  6. Long sleeve shirts under a City Shirt can be great because you get the opportunity to wear a fun non-school color while also making sure they can see the uniform symbol.
  7. Leggings and tights are perfect for under school skirts because similar to long sleeve shirts, you can wear bright colors while still wearing uniform.
  8. Shoes can play a huge role in an outfit. A khakis and polo look may be ‘bland’, so add some combat boots or platform sneakers for a fun touch.
  9. Lastly, jewelry can make any outfit more interesting. Try customized necklaces or chunky rings for a popular flare. Bright earrings are also quite trendy.

I hope these tips help you up your uniform game – I mean, how many looks can a pair of khakis and a blue school shirt make by themselves?

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