Snow Crab Season is Cancelled

With Halloween rolling around the corner, we are constantly reminded of the usual scary characters: zombies, ghosts, spiders, and crabs? Well, regardless of their relevance to Halloween, snow crabs have been a hot topic over the past weeks. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game canceled the winter snow crab season in the Bering Sea for the first time, due to a declining crab population. The rising temperatures in the Bering Sea have been cited as a possible cause of the decline of the snow crab population. Alaska is one of the fastest warming states in the United States and when the water warms, snow crab metabolism increases, requiring more fuel. According to Miranda Westphal, a biologist with the state’s fishing department, most snow crabs have been starving to death due to a lack of food to keep up with the increasing metabolism. Hopefully, the canceled snow crab season will help the population bounce back.


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