Beware of Rainbow Fentanyl

Throughout history we have always been aware of the use of drugs in treats like brownies, and candies, and have always taken caution to what we eat on Halloween and where we get it. However this year a new drug has taken the streets by storm with this candy looking drug being on the streets parents, and children will have to look out for this and beware of the consequences of not being beware this upcoming Halloween.

On October 22nd, 2022 officials from Arizona had confiscated over 500,000 fentanyl pills, and with this news  The White House has said it is “tackling an overdose epidemic and adopting an approach that includes increased technology at ports of entry, efforts to stop smuggling and criminal gangs, investments in drug control programs — as well as treatment of those affected by addiction.”

With this kept in mind parents around the US have been wondering about how they should respond to this. Drug Researchers have been noting that  “The whole thing is just absolutely ludicrous.” and leaving it as something to not worry about because from a business standpoint “Distributing your product for free to a bunch of children, who will die, causes the authorities to come after you like no one has ever seen before, to the benefit of your competitors,” – Quotes said by David Herzberg

However Police departments in Phoenix Arizona have been noting the situation as something to be cautious about for parents because: “the rainbow colors could lead children to mistake them for candy and make them more appealing to young people.”

So as we move closer to halloween we can see based on these takes that we must be cautious for this is a very harmful drug not only for our siblings, or children, but really any loved ones at all for that matter, but also make sure that this inconvenience will not bring us down for this upcoming weekend.


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