Amidst the Midterms

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Last Tuesday, hundreds of millions of Americans went to pre-designated places to cast their votes for Senate, House of Representatives, Governor, and Ballot measures. Here’s the rundown:

There have been predictions about the Republican party claiming a majority in the House and Senate however it still remains undecided. As of Thursday, the 10th Republicans had two more seats in the Senate than the Democrats. 204 seats in the House of Representatives went to the Republican party, with only 184 Democratic representatives. 24 governors are Republican; 22 are Democratic. Four seats are still undecided; it could go either way.

Democrat Gretchen Whitmer won the race for Michigan governor against Republican Tudor Dixon with a majority vote. Major cities such as Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, and Marquette contributed many of the votes to help her win. Whitmer’s campaign used 32 million dollars, 16 times more than Tudor Dixon’s. 

Michigan didn’t participate in elections for Senate in the midterms, but overall the Republican party pulled ahead with 48 total seats compared to the 46 Democratic ones. I’ll take the time to note that the only two current Senate seats that aren’t Republican or Democrat are Independent. Angus King Jr. from Maine and Bernie Sanders from Vermont, who notably ran for president in 2016, are the two Senators not associated with a political party.

Michigan also had three items on its ballot. Michigan Proposal 22-1 supported limiting legislative terms to 12 years total and was favored by voters. Proposal 2 was also favored and legalized early voting; Proposal 3 was highly controversial as it legalized abortion per Michigan’s constitution but won with a 56% majority.

On a local level, former City student Kesley Perdue ( won the race to become the Third Ward Commissioner against her opponent Rev. Ken Hoskins, who was given over 8,000 dollars from the DeVos family.

If you’d like to hear more about the midterms, go to The City Voice YouTube channel and look for the 8th Pegasi News Network episode. Have a good November and thanks to all those who voted!


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