Moon Knight Review: Should You Watch It?

Moon Knight is rated TV-14 by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Moon Knight is a show that you should put on your watch list. The main character, Steven Grant, has dissociative identity disorder and unknowingly shares a body with a ruthless mercenary, Marc Spector, who serves Khonshu (the Egyptian god of the moon). Steven works at a gift shop and can’t tell the difference between being asleep and awake. He sometimes sleepwalks or blacks out unknowingly, and cannot keep track of time well.

Khonshu and Ammit (an Egyptian goddess who judges people based on their past, present, and future actions) are good and evil forces in this show, yet it is unclear who is the good or evil deity. As mentioned previously, Marc Spector serves Khonshu and is the god’s avatar. Arthur Harrow, another major character in the show, is a worshiper of Ammit. He has gathered a small following, the cult of Ammit, to try and bring justice to the world. Arthur is hunting for Ammit’s scarab, which Marc stole and is trying to keep hidden.

I think this show, while bizarre and confusing at times, is well worth watching. It is less humorous than other Marvel movies and shows and has a darker tone to it, which is newer for the MCU. It is well-paced and keeps you entertained the whole time, even if it’s difficult to follow along.

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